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The college & young adult experience is defined by adjusting and reacting to new experiences.  The rhythm in this season of life can feel chaotic – periods of frenzied activity mixed in with unstructured free time and a sense of displacement.  You can build a meaningful connection with God's church by starting with this intentional cadence.  Calvary SLO is focused on practical support as you pursue spiritual growth in these formative years.

With that in mind, our College and Young Adults ministry is focused on three fundamentals: be in church weekly, be in the word daily, and be in close fellowship monthly.  

1. Be in Church Weekly

This is absolutely the best way to start your week every Sunday morning!  Be intentional and disciplined in this choice – pick a great church that faithfully teaches God's word and stick with it.  Building meaningful relationships requires consistent contact.  Don't let circumstances push you from one church to the other week to week, month to month or over the years.

Calvary SLO has a ride-sharing program to make sure transportation is never an obstacle.  Say you're getting connected at Calvary SLO but your friend with a car starts going to church with another friend - we've got you covered!  If you want to be at Calvary SLO every Sunday, we can help you get there.

2. Be in God's Word Daily

You don't have to guess about the nature or will of God!  He has revealed himself to us in the full counsel of scripture, through the old and new testaments of the bible.  Engage with God's word in a systematic and disciplined manner – it is literally a life-changing experience.

Calvary SLO has small groups of college students & young adults from the church that are connected in the YouVersion bible reading plan application.  We're reading through the new testament this school year.  The daily time commitment is less than 10 minutes and the application includes helpful videos from the Bible Project.  Being part of a reading group will encourage you and provide some friendly accountability when you need it.

3. Be in Close Fellowship Monthly

Sunday mornings are great, but it can be hard to connect with others in a meaningful way.  It's much easier to build close relationships in a casual setting in a smaller group.  A great way to do this is by sharing a meal with a handful of your peers and some people from the broader church family.  It is especially important to get out of the college "bubble" and spend time with believers that have some experience in Christian living past their young 20s.

Calvary SLO can get you connected to a monthly Sunday meal with a church family.  The family will host lunch or dinner with you and 4-6 other college students & young adults from the church.  We can organize it so you're with friends you already know, or even better - mix it up so you meet new friends!

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April & Joseph Holt

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