Our Team

Wise and mature leadership is essential. Quality of character is far more valued over charisma. Our team is made up of a variety of members, from core staff & elders to ministry leaders. All of them work hard to shape the culture of our church, ensuring it's centered around Jesus. 

Our Team

Bryan Stupar

Lead Pastor, Elder, Men's Ministry

James Rey

Associate Pastor, Elder, Family Ministries

Gunther Kriwinski

Associate Pastor, Elder, Discipleship & Counseling

Ernesto Sanchez


Luke Llamas


Vickey Kriwinski

Office AdministratorOffice: (805) 543-8516

Josh Wierenga

Sunday Service Director

Joel Neal

Technology Director

Kyle Ahlgren

Graphics & Communications, Men's Ministry

Lisa Ahlgren

Children's Ministry Director

Ben Sjogren

Youth Ministry Director (Junior High)

Jonah Silva

Youth Ministry Director (High School)

Joseph & April Holt

College & Young Adult Ministry Directors

Ivan Farmer

Young Professionals Ministry Director

Sherry Stupar

Women's Ministry

Cole Allshouse