What does "SLO"(Calvary SLO) mean?
Local talk for San Luis Obispo.

What kind of people make up Calvary SLO?
You'll find a diverse group of people seeking to know & love God, live in community with each other and transform the world by serving our city, the central coast and beyond as we think Jesus would. Many people are just checking out Christianity for the first time, while others have been in church there whole lives. The people that make up CSLO span different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. There are many students and young families but everyone is welcome!

What if I'm not used to going to church?
You are the reason CSLO began. We want to be a comfortable place for those who are curious about God but have never felt comfortable in church before. We want CSLO to be a place where you can learn, apply & wrestle with who God is and what He desires for you. "Not having it all figured out" puts you squarely in the company of most at CSLO. 

What will the worship service be like?
CSLO has always been a place where we like to keep things simple. Our gatherings are intentional, relaxed and focused. We don't feel the need to be flashy or put on hugh productions for people to meet with God.  We typically follow a basic pattern of meeting together that's traced back to the early Church. We teach the Bible, pray, sing, partake of the communion together (Acts 2:42), all in order to help us remember and reflect upon Jesus.  Our goal in gathering as a big family is to love God and know him better by making God's unchanging truth accessible without watering it down.

What does the pastor talk about?
The sermons at CSLO are always both biblical & practical.  God wants to be involved in our lives, so we teach the ageless truths of the Bible in a way that makes them accessible to all, even if you've never been to church. Typically, we go through one book of the Bible in its whole, verse by verse, chapter by chapter and thought by thought, so as to understand God's truth in context, we usually call this "expository preaching/teaching".  Also, there are times we'll mix in shorter series on specific topics as needed. Click here to listen to some of the latest sermons.

What should I wear?
There's no set dress code, although most dress on the more casual side.  You're welcome to wear whatever you'd like and will fit in whatever you wear.  It's not uncommon to see younger people with tattooed sleeves sitting next to a those in dockers and a Hawaiian shirt.  In the end, God's love is what we hope gives us our identity, not clothing. 

What about my kids?
We love kids because God loves kids.  Children are a great blessing from God and should be taught about God in an environment which will engage them in an age appropriate way.  Your kids will be taught and loved well!

Should I invite my friends?
Please do! We want to be a welcoming environment for people who are curious about Jesus or who are wanting to belong to a community of believers.

How old is Calvary SLO?
We had our 1st official church service the week following Easter in 1994, at the Seventh-day Adventist church in downtown SLO.  We've met in several locations since then and have grown quite a bit, but have always stayed true to the original DNA that we started with.

What kind of church is Calvary SLO?
We're a Christian church, not necessarily affiliated with any particular denomination.  Though with roots in the Calvary Chapel movement, we greatly value and draw upon the vast wealth of Godly influences and wisdom through the history of the church from the ancient past to modern times.  God's Church is far bigger than can be confined by tribe, denomination, culture or historical setting.  In short, we're about Jesus, and seek to promote Jesus, and not a particular brand/franchise of church.

Who leads Calvary SLO?
Calvary SLO is led by several pastors/elders.  Pastor Bryan Stupar, who originally planted/founded CSLO, also remains as the main teaching/leading pastor and serves as one of the leaders on the team of elders.

How can I get involved?
Great question!  There are at least two good ways to get connected, either by joining/starting a community group, or by serving with a team at one of our services.