Vision + Values


We are a community of people being transformed by Jesus, to love God, love others, and live on mission as participants of the gospel.

In the New Testament, people who follow Jesus and are being transformed by Him are called “disciples.” A modern word which comes close to describing “disciple” is “apprentice.”

There are at least four values that describe a disciple’s life. We like to think of them as four pillars that hold up everything we do as a church family.



Disciples worship Jesus with all their life along-side other disciples. Every human worships. “Wor-ship” is the act of ascribing worth (‘wor’) to an object, which in turn shapes (‘ship’) our lives (Psalm 115:8). Because Jesus has revealed himself to be worthy (Rev. 5:12), a disciple is one who devotes their affection to Him with the hope of being reshaped into His likeness. Disciples do this personally as well as together with others; via acts of singing, learning, giving, and receiving the Lord’s supper, as weekly rhythmic reminders, of “who they are” and, “Whose they are.”


Disciples grow in Jesus by loving one another in community. Avoiding autonomy and living in community is the model portrayed in Scripture, first in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), then in the nation of Israel, and ultimately in the community of disciples, called the Church. God created us to live in community. We most effectively live out our mission as the family of God, together. Living in community provides the hands on experience of growing as disciples, whereby we learn to love one-another, serve them, and be vulnerable...all traits of Jesus. We actively live out this value by doing life together with others in Community Groups.


Disciples learn about Jesus by getting trained and equipped. We are regularly being trained to live according to the values of our world by way of the media, music, art and culture at large. Disciples are eager to be trained in the ways of Jesus, by being equipped by faithful leaders, pastors, teachers and mentors. Our church community provides many trainings through out the year in order to equip every disciple for good works (Eph. 4:2, 2 Tim. 3:16-17).


Disciples heed Jesus’ call to proclaim the gospel. As Jesus was “sent” from God, so his disciples are “sent” into this world (Matt 28:18–20) to make disciples. The latin word for “sent” is, “missio”. We see the mission of the church (and thus all individual disciples) is to proclaim the gospel to others while making disciples in every facet of life, be it, ministry, the market-place, neighborhood, and/or home (family). Disciples of Jesus see the entire sphere of their life/influence as their mission field. 

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