We are a family of saints and sinners with the desire of being transformed into Jesus’ disciples who love God, love others and live on mission for the Gospel.. 

Gospel means "good news”. God hasn't abandoned this world, nor us to our sin & brokenness, but He’s worked thru Jesus (his only begotten son), in fulfillment of His promises (the scripture), at great expense to himself (suffering/death), to bring victory over sin and evil, by his resurrection. Through God’s son, Jesus, redemption and restoration are made possibilities by the work of His Holy Spirit.

Our society is one of rugged individualism. We live life as an island, we do our own thing, and we try to serve God the way we want. This is sin! God has reconciled us not only to Himself but also to each other. This "each other" is called "the Church". We intentionally strive to build biblical community, both by gathering as a large group on Sundays, and by smaller, more intimate groups throughout the week, called "community groups".

Jesus initiated His love towards a rejecting and sin-filled world, by entering it as one sent by God on mission to save (John 20:21). Likewise, Jesus sent his followers on mission, to live out the Gospel in a way that reveals God's greatness to all. Some may be called to the uttermost parts of the world, while others stay, making God known in all they do. In either case, all Christians are called to live on mission.