God gives us all things with the intention that we would steward it as if it were on loan to us. In other words, we've been blessed in order to be a blessing. This principle is interwoven into all of Jesus' teaching (Luke 12:48). Calvary SLO operates off the generous tithes & donations of its members and supporters. Our giving is in response to God's grace. The Bible describes this giving as being:

If you live outside our area and feel compelled to give beyond your primary giving to your local Christian body, we would greatly appreciate your support. Our desire is to be faithful stewards that serve the Lord in all things. One of the primary ways we serve God is by joyfully giving to the Lord through, what the Bible calls, our “firstfruits” (2 Corinthians 9:7Proverbs 3:9). We are asking those who consider Calvary SLO their home church to give joyfully, as they are able to, not to fulfill a mandated percentage, but rather to gladly sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. Ultimately, we want to give generously because God gives generously. We thank those who have helped us and partnered with us in the gospel.

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