Women are strengthened through the community of fellowship. It's our aim to "bridge the gap" between the older and younger women. We are blessed to have such a variety of ages in our women's ministry and our heart's desire is to see their lives be more connected with one another.

Our goal is to host different types of events to provide opportunities for the women to build relationships with one another as well as deepen their relationship with the Lord.

Being connected to one of our women's community groups is probably the best way to make new friends and quickly become a part of the church family. There are several different opportunities available throughout the week in the evening.  Each of these bible study groups is studying something different, so you may want to check out a few of them to find just the right fit. 

All Calvary SLO Community Groups are committed to the authority of God's Word, regardless of format. In cases of book discussion, all content is viewed through the lens of the Bible, and thus discussion and interaction are held in high regard with His Word as our ultimate standard.

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