Wise and mature leadership is essential. Quality of character is far more valued over charisma. Our leadership is made up of a variety of people, from staff to volunteer leaders. All of them work hard to shape the culture of our church to be centered/focussed on Jesus. 

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Bryan Stupar

Lead Pastor/Elder

Website: bryanstupar.tumblr.com
Facebook: bryanstupar
Twitter: @bryanstupar

Born in 1970 and raised in the surf culture of Huntington beach, California, Bryan 'got saved' when he was almost 16 years old. He married his best friend, Sherry in 1991.

In 1993, when 23 years old, moved to San Luis Obispo, (a beautiful college town along California's Central Coast) to plant Calvary SLO Church, which has become an influential church in the area and beyond, with it's church planting /missions work.

Best of all, Bryan's the father of two daughters, Brianna & Brooke, and enjoys spending time with his family. He's often be found hanging around SLO at one of it's many coffee shops, taking photos, or in the surf.

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James Rey

Associate Pastor/Elder

Facebook: james.rey

Very blessed man with an amazing bride of 20 yrs and 3 energetic and loving sons... I am loved by God with a love I'll need eternity to understand :)

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Gunther Kriwinski

Biblical Living Pastor / Elder


Eric Maldonado


Pastoral & Elder Team

Gunther Kriwinski
Biblical Living Pastor

Greg Squires
Administration, Elder


Staff & Support Team

Vickey Kriwinski
Director of Central Operations

Emily Majzoub
Director of Children's Ministry

Michael Lacalle
Director of Junior High Ministry

Nick Bilich
Director of High School Ministry

Eric Maldonado
Director of College Ministry

Ryan Delmore
Director of Worship

Ernesto Sanchez
Director of Missions

Phillip Townsend
Creative Communications Manager


Financial Stewardship Team

Cole Allshouse

Jay Johnson 
Aaron and Sara Nesper
Eric Soderin