Families - Youth

Jr. High and High School are arguably the most spiritually and emotionally formative years of life. Students who grow up with Christian parents often grapple with the decision to personally follow Jesus and students who do not know Jesus are often exposed to Him for the first time. Regardless of where your child is at, they are welcome here! 

Get Connected

Since students sit with their families to enjoy Pastor Bryan’s teachings on Sundays, the best way to get connected is to come to our weekly Youth Group (details below). In addition, we meet up after service for a fun activity once a month. To stay in the loop

Youth Group

Calvary SLO Youth Group meets every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Calvary SLO Warehouse. Our desire is to provide a place where students can build deep connections with other students and discover a firm foundation for life (Matthew 7:24). During our time together, we practice 4 spiritual disciplines:

  1. Worshiping Jesus
  2. Learning about the Bible
  3. Processing the struggles of daily life
  4. Praying for one another

We also love to have fun :-) We play games like foosball and ping-pong, and make sure to keep our supply of snacks constantly stocked!

Join the group

To stay in the loop about events, activities, meet-ups and more, please join the Youth Group in Church Center.

Youth Group on Church Center


If you have any questions please contact Ben Sjogren (Jr. High), Jonah Silva (High School) or James Rey (Pastor, Family Ministries).