Families - Youth

High School

It is our desire for this ministry to live in wake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even in these challenging times. How? By entering into a saving knowledge of Jesus and experiencing the finished work of the cross that has taken victory over our sins once and for all. We desire that our students find their ultimate pleasure in His greatness and their ultimate purpose in His mission. For more information, please contact Jonah & Val Silva or pastor James Rey.

Middle School

Middle School ministry at Calvary SLO is focused on helping equip young people in grades 6 through 8 to be disciples of Jesus by connecting them to their church community and the gospel in understandable and relevant ways. Even in these unprecedented times, the goal is to create theologically sound lovers of Jesus, who go on to become essential members of the church in the high-school/college years and beyond. For more information, please contact Ben Sjogren or pastor James Rey.

Youth Group

Tuesday Nights from 6:30pm to 8pm
In-Person @ Calvary SLO

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