Year of Biblical Literacy

We're excited to announce a new venture for our church family to explore the beauty/complexity of the scripture...It’s called the Year of Biblical Literacy (YOBL).

What is YOBL?

In short, it’s two things. 

  1. It’s a personal scripture reading plan designed to immerse you daily in the Bible’s story, so that you may understand and experience the presence, character, and way of Jesus. Starting Jan. 1, 2018, you’ll be using the Bible Project’s reading plan (download free app) to begin this personal/transformational journey. 
  2. It’s a small group curriculum designed to engage a community of people in the Bible’s story together throughout the year. 

see the F.A.Q. sheet (below) for more info.

F.A.Q. Sheet

Next Training

To help equip you prepare for the small group experience (Community Group's), we’ll be offering free trainings to get you on your way for the start date of January, 1 2018 

  • Wednesday, October 18th & 25th (6:30pm, 2 weeks)

Sign-up for Training

Getting Ready to Begin (1.1.2018)

  1. Download the free Read Scripture App
  2. Download a free Bible App (we recommend: YouVersion), and/or get a hardcopy version of the bible that’s easily readable (we recommend: The Message (MSG), New International Version (NIV), The New Living Translation (NLT), English Standard Version (ESV))
  3. Familiarize yourself with the YOBL website

YOBL Website

We’re grateful to be partnering with the good folks from the: Bible Project, Read Scripture and Reality SF to utilize the excellent materials they provided.