Disciples of Jesus will live as being sent on mission, seeing people transformed by the Gospel, as Jesus was sent by the Father.  Initially, Jesus directed His followers to begin simply by taking the Gospel to their immediate neighbors in Jerusalem, then to the surrounding county of Judea, then Samaria (the next county over) and ultimately to the ends of the earth.

To be "on mission" simply means to enthusiastically follow Jesus as He was "on mission" (John 20:21). Over the years we've sent many people from CSLO into a wide variety of cultures to make disciples and plant churches. The geographic scope includes domestic campus ministry (United States) to various church planting endeavors around the globe.

Because living on mission was central to the purpose of Jesus' life so too it's a major focus of ours. As a vital extension of our Church family, we hope you'll get to know a little bit about these servants, to be praying for them.

Do you want to serve as a missionary?

Our cross cultural missions program at CalvarySLO wants to train and send people on short-term trips to assist our established missionaries and provide a way for individuals to determine God’s leading for their lives in the realm of long-term ministry in a cross-cultural setting.

CalvarySLO recognizes that individuals in God’s church have differing gifts and callings. In addition to church-planting roles and gifts such as teaching, worship, discipleship and administration, we want to also encourage a vocation-based approach to serving. A vocation-based ministry is one that uses your particular training and skills in the realm of service such as education, health, agriculture, or engineering to name some examples.

If this interests you here are the steps to pursue this:

  1.  If you want to take a trip this year go to the list below to see what opportunities are available this year. If you are still at the early interest level go to step 3 below.

  1. If you find something you want to pursue do not contact the missionaries directly. Instead please email the Missions Pastor, Ernesto Sanchezto indicate your interest. Ernesto will contact you. Depending on the area you want to go, the next steps will be presented to you and you will be sent an application to send back to us.

  1. If you are viewing this website in the fall, You will be directed to attend our two Missions Training Seminars in the fall and spring. If you are viewing this in the winter/spring you will be directed to the Sring Training session (see below), This training is for anyone that wants to develop a ministry mindset. The content is geared for cross-cultural ministry but it is applicable to any area of ministry. Each training seminar is five weeks. Everyone intending to be sent from Calvary SLO on overseas missions is required to attend these trainings.

  1. At the end of the training you can decide if you want to proceed with short-term or long-term trip preparation. The Theology for Mission seminar is also open to people that are not planning to go out in the near future, or are planning a trip with some other organization.

  1. The timing of the two five-week seminars for 2017 is:  TBA

  1. The process outlined above is designed to prepare you, as well as for our missions team to assess your readiness to be sent to assist our missionaries. While we recognize being sent on a short term trip is primarily a learning experience, CalvarySLO has promised our missionaries that we will send only the people that God confirms are ready and suited for the task before them.

Cross-cultural missions opportunities for 2016


Curitiba, Brazil (Church plant opportunity)


Calvary Chapel Curitiba has an opportunity for a married couple or one or two individuals to assist the pastor, Tom Stowe. Tom is looking for individuals who are considering long-term ministry. The roles of the team we send would be to assist in practical areas of serving in the life of the church. This is an opportunity to confirm some of your gifts and calling in a church plant setting. This opportunity is for a minimum of two months up to one year. The team would consist of up to three persons.


Dominican Republic (vocation-based opportunity)

Our missionaries Katie and Cristian Grullon serve in the DR with Students International. SI has occupational (vocation) based ministries such as agriculture, education, dental, health care, physical therapy, sports and social work. More information on their program in DR can be found on the link above. This opportunity through Students International is open to any number of interested persons subject to the availability of team slots. The outreach stint is two weeks and five departure dates are available over the summer.


East Asia (vocation-based opportunity)

Morgan and Lori Jones serve in east Asia in powerful and multi-faceted ministry. They are in east Asia on a guest worker visa for agricultural assistance / enterprise. This is a summer opportunity for agricultural trained persons to put in action what they have been learning in a cross- cultural setting, serving people and making a difference in lives.



Tom & Luciana Stowe
Tom Stowe went to Brazil in 2005 to assist at Calvary Chapel Bible College. Tom married a Brazilian, Luciana in 2006. They have two children. They served in Joao Pessoa in northeastern Brazil for two years and now pastor a church in Curatiba in southern Brazil.

MISSIONARIES - Stanzels Hungary
Balazs & Leah Stanzel have been pastoring a church in Pecs, Hungary since 2007. Leah was sent out from CalvarySLO to Hungary in 2005 and there married Balazs, a Hungarian. They have three daughters.

Dominican Republic - Students International
Cristian and Katie and Grullon
Cristian and Katie Grullon have served with Students International in the Dominican Republic since 2008. They have one daughter. Katie works with an OB/GYN and Physicians Assistant on staff who run rural community health clinics and will be teaching maternal health classes.  Cristian works with the Physical Therapy Ministry to provide physical therapy to those in the community who normally would not be able to receive those services due to socio economics. Their goals are to build relationships with the patients and their families as an avenue for sharing the gospel.

Conor and Koren McNamee  have been ministering in Ukraine since 2000. They have three children and have been a part of two church plants. They are currently pastoring Christian Bible Church in the city of Chernigov. Their church leads ministries to children in hospitals, orphanages, and throughout the city sharing the love of Christ. They also focus on English language outreach and ministry to the disabled.


FCA Central Coast & South Asia
Luke & Katie Llamas
Luke came on staff with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) in 2007 and serves as the Area Director for the Central Coast as well as the International Coordinator for the Western Region and their alignment with South Asia. Luke and Katie were married in May 2014 and Katie joined Luke on staff later that year. FCA has a ministry presence on 19 campuses on the central coast including Cal Poly where Luke and Katie disciple college athletes. They are expecting their first child in July.
MISSIONARIES, MANDY & ELI Chi Alpha Ministries - Texas
Eli & Mandy Stewart are serving in campus ministry at Sam Houston College in Huntsville Texas. Together they are involved in a growing and enthusiastic group of college students. They have served there since 2006. Eli and Mandy have two children.

Campus Crusade - San Diego, CA
Joe & Alison Priola
Joe and Alison served with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) on the Cal Poly University and Cuesta College campuses beginning in 2001. In 2008 they were transferred to UC San Diego and UCSD to serve as directors for the Cru ministry on those campuses.  They have led numerous teams to minister on campuses in East Asia. Joe and Alison have three children.



MISSIONARIES, WARREN Campus Crusade - Arizona
Chris & Vanessa Warren have served with Campus Crusade for Christ since 2005. They are currently working with the campus group at the University of Arizona, Tucson. They have initiated a summer campus partnership in the Dominican Republic and will take teams there.


MISSIONARIES - Paynes Campus Crusade - Chico, CA
Joshua & Adrienne Payne have served with Campus Crusade for Christ at Cal Poly SLO and now at Chico State University.