Our Vision is to help parents to raise kids who love Jesus and live as his disciples.


Partnering with Parents

Raising kids can be hard work! Parents have the greatest influence on their children. The church's role is to help equip, encourage and support parents in their biblical role; we therefore have prepared online resources to assist parents in raising their kids and passing on their faith. We encourage parents to visit our online tools and take advantage of them here. We offer parenting resources each week so that you can dialogue with your child about what they are learning. We use the same curriculum for toddler through 6th grade so that the entire family can grow together. Periodically we also offer parenting classes, family events and parents night be sure to not miss them. 

Worship + Curriculum

We begin worship and teaching in the Toddler class and continue through 6th grade, with curriculum from The Gospel Project. We have a very talented group of worship leaders who seek to truly lead the children in worship as well as teach them what worship is and why we worship. 


Contact James Rey, Family Ministries Pastor
or Andrew and Grace Nemy, Children's Ministry Coordinators. 

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