Join the City

What is The City?
The City is our online community, designed for people who attend Calvary SLO Church and who want to take the next steps to become actively involved.

Why should I join?
As the Lord grows our church family, staying connected and living in biblical community can become more challenging. The City offers us a place to find that community in Christ by providing:

1. A Place of Belonging: By joining any number of groups, you’ll be able to post prayer requests or even buy/sell/loan/borrow personal items, find a roommate, etc, via the City Marketplace.

2. A Means of Communication: Knowing what’s happening in our church family is an important way of staying connected, knowing how to pray and staying on the mission of the gospel. 

3. A Way to Give Back: With the ability to give privately and securely via The City you’ll have an easy way to contribute to the mission of Calvary SLO.

How do I join?
Joining is easy, just create your account here.



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