What to Expect on a Sunday
Although Calvary SLO is far more than a weekly gathering it isn’t less than that. Like most disciples of Jesus worldwide, we gather on Sundays as a way of remembering that that was the day He rose from the grave, conquering death and calling us to life. What you’ll find on most Sundays as we gather for worship is:

  • A time of singing: Jesus people sing
  • A time of contributing to the mission of the gospel: Jesus people give
  • A time of hearing about the mission of the gospel: Jesus people engage
  • A time to meet others: Jesus people love and show hospitality to all
  • A time of learning through the teaching of the bible: Jesus people grow
  • A time of approaching God: Jesus people pray

In short we're a family of saints & sinners with the desire of being transformed into disciples who love God, love others and live on mission for the Gospel. Which means you’ll find all sorts of people from many diverse walks of life, gathered together with the intention of looking to the God who saves.

For Families
New Families - If you are checking in a child 6th grade and under, you’ll be directed to the secure check-in computer registration station located inside the Children’s Ministry Office.  At the registration station, you’ll be welcomed by a greeter who will assist you thru this process that should take about 5 minutes on your first visit. You’ll have the opportunity to enter your child’s information, including any special instructions or medical/allergy warnings that will be printed on the child’s name tag sticker each week. These name tags have a matching code that is printed on your parental receipt sticker to ensure a safe check-out process. If you’re needed for any reason during the service, we will display the code written on your receipt on the main sanctuary screen so that you can attend to your child as needed. Classrooms open at 9:50am. 


  • Nursery: infants through 1 year and walking well. 
  • Toddler: 1 year and walking well through 3 years old.
  • Preschool: 3 -5 years old
  • Kindergarten - 3rd grade
  • ‘The Spring’: 4th -6th grade

Snack Time:
We do provide a snack time in each class with goldfish crackers and water. For children with allergies we offer all natural Brachs fruit snacks.

Pick up time is 10:35am. We ask that you pick up your youngest child first, please wait at the door and have your security label ready to present to the classroom volunteer.  

You are always welcome to stay in class with your child or you are welcome to bring them into the sanctuary with you as well. There is also a cry room located at the back of the sanctuary for your convenience.

If you would like a tour of the Children’s Ministry prior to attending, please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Children's Ministry main page