Sunday Gatherings

What to Expect

Although Calvary SLO is far more than a weekly gathering, it isn’t less than that. Like most disciples of Jesus worldwide, we gather on Sunday's as a way of remembering the day Jesus rose from the grave, conquering death. What you’ll find on most Sundays as we gather for worship is:

  • A time of singing: Jesus people sing.
  • A time of contributing to the mission of the gospel: Jesus people give.
  • A time of hearing about the mission of the gospel: Jesus people engage.
  • A time to meet others: Jesus people love and show hospitality to all.
  • A time of learning through the teaching of the bible: Jesus people get trained.
  • A time of approaching God: Jesus people pray.
  • A time of receiving the bread and the cup: Jesus people remember what God has done.

In short, we're a family of saints + sinners who desire to be transformed into disciples who; love God, love others and live on mission for the Gospel. Which means you’ll find all sorts of people from many diverse walks of life (students, singles, young professionals, families, vintage saints, etc) and ethnicities, gathered with the intention of looking to Jesus who heals and transforms. We like to say: “It’s okay to not be okay…God will meet you where you are at."


Calvary SLO Church, 4029 South Higuera St., San Luis Obispo Ca.
Phone: 805.543.8516


For Families

God loves children… so do we! We have excellent Children’s Ministry classes for kids of all ages (infants - 5th grade) as well as programs for Youth (Middle School + High School). Our aim is to provide a safe and fun environment where your kids can learn about the love and goodness of Jesus.

New Families

We have a super easy, safe, quick and reliable system to check your kids into their classes… If this is your first time attending, we'd recommend arriving about 10 minutes prior to the start of the service to ensure they're good to go.

You are welcome to stay in the class with your child, especially for their first time(s) here. There is also a cry room located at the back of the sanctuary for your convenience. Should you feel more comfortable having your kids with you in the service, we completely understand and welcome this. We simply ask that you be aware of their needs to keep any distractions to a minimum.

If you'd like a tour of our classrooms prior to attending and/or would like to personally connect with any of our teachers, please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinators,  Andrew and Grace Nemy.